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working with demons


This course was created to teach students my own personal style of working with the ancients we call “demons”. These easy to follow and simple unique methods will truly advance your connection to the “other side”. The goal is to make contact with the demon/s, for the purpose of submitting your own magickal requests. A true working relationship.

Why is this course unique?

Nobody has ever used this method for spiritual contact – ever! If you see it anywhere else – they have copied it from me. Most of the content is delivered in VIDEO format. As your teacher, my goal is to get you away from reading books and start your journey into a demonic connection. If you are already connecting with the demons, allow me to share additional techniques that could enhance your current set of skills and tools. Some written directions will be provided, but don’t expect a PDF workbook to add to your collection.

Learn from the Original Creator of the Foil Method of Entity Evocation

“I have been using my own method of contacting demons, spirits, and entities for over 2 decades. In 2015, I decided to share my secret method with those who also desire an EASY and FAST TRACKED method for demon contact.

Now, in this course, I will teach you the foil method of demon evocation, plus many other techniques I use for success. The foil method was not used ever before,  by any other occultist. I will explain to you the theory of why this method works, and how you can “tweak” this method for your own specific results.”



  • Video lessons to watch at your convenience.
  • Never-before-shared techniques for connecting with Spirits and Demons.
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  • FB GROUP Exclusive Videos
    • Currently, questions are answered in the FB group on Fridays only via video
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  • Includes instant access to over $400 of Occult Books
  • Support – As a teacher, I offer student support each Friday


These are my videos and methods for how I contact demons. Instead of showing these on YouTube, I am only offering the content to members of this course.

You will not be able to go back to Thinking demons and spirits are just constructs of the mind. The information presented in this course, and by other students taking this course, prove without any doubts, that Demons are living here on this plain and are ready to interact with us.

It was created for you, the person who wants a down to earth, no BS approach to demon work. The videos are raw, the workbooks will be more of a note style.

If this is not what you are looking for in a course, I can recommend fellow demonologist E.A Koettings’ materials as well – Click Here



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The assumption is that YOU are an adult, who does not need the supervision of other adults when discussing topics in groups. If there is a point of view that makes you feel uncomfortable, you can handle this yourself.

BWC also assumes you are of sound mental health and not suffering from Clinical Depression, Schizophrenia, or any other mental illness at the time of enrollment.

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NOTE – Once you purchase this course, you will NOT be issued a refund for any reason should you change your mind. 

Testimonials from July 2019

“…. ultimately even for a person like me with plenty of occult background, the course was well worth it and I look forward to using all my new knowledge and trying out different kinds of rituals.”


July 22, 2019.<

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