Baphomet Oil


The intent of this oil is to create balance to dissolve past karmic associations and to bring about manifestation, so it is excellent to use in meditation, ritual and ceremonial magick.

This is a very spiritual oil that creates a focused environment.

Blended in USA.


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Abra MelinBaphomet is The Goat of Mendes whom the Templars were accused of worshiping. It a Goat-Headed deity, being formed of both female and male principles, with a Caduceus of Mercury for its phallus. It is a potion that stimulates the mind and spirit.

Baphomet oil is as complicated as the god, and is made in a Waning/Waxing Moon combo process.

Earthy vetiver, cypress, patchouli, and other musky herbs are blended with an Arabian sandalwood base.



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