Demonic Enns are calls of invitation, admiration, or protection to certain Demons that are chanted, vibrated, or spoken for Demonic Evocation. It is a phrase of invocation that attracts their attention used by the Demonolatry traditions.

Enns are very similar in intent and effect as Eastern mantras in producing a specific magical effect &/or of drawing a particular spirit to you.

VIDEO: by S. Connelly

Listen to the difference between an Enn being said, vibrated, and chanted.

Now, we all have struggled with the pronuciation, so here is a little help guide with a few to get you started:
Tasa reme laris Satan – Ave Satanis
[Tah-sa ray-me lah-ris Seyt-n – Ah-vay Sey-tan-is]

Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar Lucifer
[Ren-ich tah-sa ubur-ak-a buy-ass-a ick-r Loo-sif-er]

Ganic Tasa Fubin Flereous
[Gahn-ich tah-sa fu-bin Flare-e-us]

Jaden Tasa Hoet Naca Leviathan
[Yay-den tah-sa hoe-t nah-ka Li-via-thon]

Lirach Tasa Vefa Wehlc Belial
[Lir-atch tah-sa veh-fa weh-lik Bee-lee-L]

Elan Typan Verrine
[E-lan tye-pan Veh-rin]

Denyen valocur avage secore Amducious
[Den-yen val-o-cur a-vah-jay se-core Am-duce-e-us]

Unsere tasa lirach on ca ayar
[Un-zer tah-sa lir-atch on ka a-yar]

Ayar Secore on ca Eurynomous
[A-yar se-core on ka U-re-no-mus]

Here is your reference list:

Lucifer – Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar Lucifer

Satan – Tasa Reme Laris Satan

Unsere – Unsere Tasa Lirach On Ca Ayar

Satanchia – Furca Na Alle Laris Satanchia

Agaliarept – On Ca Agaliarept Agna

Lucifage – Eyen Tasa Valocur Lucifage Rofocale

Flereous – Ganic Tasa Fubin Flereous

Beelzebuth – Adey Vocar Avage Beelzebuth

Belphegore – Lyan Ramec Catya Ganen Belphegore

Mesphito – Mesphito Ramec Viasa On Ca

Delepitore – Deyen Pretore Ramec Delepitore On Ca

Belial – Lirach Tasa Vefa Wehlc Belial

Luithian – Deyan Anay Tasa Luithian

Azlyn – Rean Par Tasa Azlyn Ayar

Leviathan – Jaden Tasa Hoet Naca Leviathan

Sonnelion – Ayer Serpente Sonnillion

Abbadon – Es Na Ayer Abbadon Avage

Ammon – Avage Secore Ammon Ninan

Mammon – Tasa Mammon On Ca Lirach

Rosier – Serena Alora Rosier Aken

Astarte – Serena Alora Astarte Aken

Ashtaroth – Tasa Alora Foren Ashtaroth

Astarot – Serena Alora Astarot Aken

Amducious – Denyen Valocur Avage Secore Amducious

Asmodeus – Ayer Avage Aloren Asmodeus Aken

Eurynomous – Ayar Secore On Ca Eurynomous

Balberith – Avage Secore on ca Baalberith

Babeal – Alan Secore On Ca Babeal

Verrine – Elan Typan Verrine

Verrier – Elit Rayesta Verrier

Ronwe – Kaymen Vefa Ronwe

Svengali – Desa On Svengali Ayer

Tezrian – Ezyr Ramec Ganen Tezrian

Asafoedita – Asana Nanay On Ca Asafoetida

Rashoon – Taran Rashoon Nanay

Taroon – Taroon An Ca Nanay

Berith – Hoath Redar Ganabal Berith

Agares – Rean Ganen Ayar Da Agares

Abigor- Aylan Abigor Tasa Uan On Ca

Lilith – Renich Viasa Avage Lilith Lirach

Bael – Ayer Secore On Ca Ba’al

Agares – Rean ganen ayar da Agares

Vassago – Keyan vefa jedan tasa Vassago

Samigina (also Gamigin) – Esta ta et tasa Gamigin

Marbas – Renich tasa uberace biasa icar Marbas

Valefor – Keyman vefa tasa Valefor

Amon – Avage Secore Amon ninan

Barbatos – Eveta fubin Barbatos

Paimon – Linan tasa jedan Paimon.

Buer – Erato on ca Buer anon

Gusion – Secore vesa anet Gusion

Sitri – Lirach Alora vefa Sitri

Beleth – Lirach tasa vefa wehl Beleth.

Leraje (also Leraikha)- Caymen vefa Leraje.

Eligos – Jedan on ca Eligos inan.

Zepar – Lyan Ramec catya Zepar

Botis – Jedan hoesta noc ra Botis.

Bathin – Dyen Pretore on ca Bathin

Sallos (also Saleos) – Serena Alora Sallos Aken

Purson – Ana jecore on ca Purson

Marax (also Narax) – Kaymen Vefa Marax

Ipos – Desa an Ipos Ayer

Aim – Ayer avage secore Aim.

Naberius – Eyan tasa volocur Naberius

Glasya-Labolas – Elan tepar secore on ca Glasya-Lobolas.

Bune (also Bime) – Wehl melan avage Bune Tasa.

Ronove – Kaymen vefa ronove

Berith – Hoath redar ganabal Berith

Astaroth – Tasa Alora Foren Astaroth

Forneus – Senan okat ena Forneus ayer.

Foras – Kaymen vefa Foras

Asmoday – Ayer avage Aloren Asmoday aken

Gaap – Deyan Anay Tasa Gaap

Furfur – Ganen menach tasa Furfur

Marchosias – Es na ayer Marchosias Secore.

Stolas (also Stolos)– Stolos Ramec viasa on ca.

Phenex (also Pheynix)– Ef enay Phenex ayer.

Halphas – Erato Halphas on ca secore

Malphas– Lirach tasa Malphas ayer

Raum – Furca na alle laris Raum

Focalor – En Jedan on ca Focalor

Vepar – On ca Vepar Ag Na

Sabnock – Tasa Sabnock on ca Lirach

Shax – Ayer Avage Shax aken

Vine – Eyesta nas Vine ca laris

Bifrons – Avage secore Bifrons remie tasa

Uvall (also Vual or Voval)– As ana nany on ca Uvall.

Haagenti – Haaventi on ca Lirach

Crocell – Jedan tasa Crocell on ca

Furcas – Secore on ca Furcas remie

Balam – Lirach tasa vefa wehl Balam

Alloces – Typan efna Alloces met tasa

Camio (also Caim) – Tasa on ca Caim renich

Murmur (also Murmus)- Vefa mena Murmur ayer

Orobas – Jedan tasa hoet naca Orobas

Gremory (also Gemory or Gamori) – An tasa shi Gremory on ca

Ose (also Voso or Oso) – Ayer serpente Ose.

Amy (also Avnas) – Tu Fubin Amy secore

Oriax (also Orias) – Lirach mena Orias Anay na

Vapula (also Naphula) – Renich secore Vapula typan

Zagan – Anay on ca secore Zagan tasa

Volac (also Valak, Valac, or Valu)– Avage Secore on ca Volac

Andras – Entey ama Andras anay.

Haures (also Flauros, Haurus, or Havres) – Ganic tasa fubin Flauros.

Andrealphus – Mena Andrealphus tasa ramec ayer

Cimejes (also Cimeies or Kimaris) – Ayer avage secore Cimejes

Amdusias (also Amdukias)– Denyen valocur avage secore Amdusias

Decarabia – Hoesta noc ra Decarabia secore

Seere (also Sear or Seir)- Jeden et Renich Seere tu tasa

Dantalion – Avage ayer Dantalion on ca

Andromalius – Tasa fubin Andromalius on ca