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According to Mayette, Azazel was the leader of 200 fallen angels known at one time to be the choir of angels. He allied himself with Satan and rebelled against Yahweh. As well, in Islamic beliefs he defied Allah by not bowing to Adam as commanded ( He was one of the angels who was thrown out of heaven and fell to earth to Mt. Hermon in the days of Jared (Schneders

  1. 19). Henceforth, Azazel earned the term with many others as a fallen angel. Azazel is also known as “lord of hell, seducer of mankind”, yellow eye demon (Mayette). Azazel also goes by the names IA,Sirius, Abrsaxand Siru ( pg. 5). According to Mayette, Azazel goes by many other names such as Azael and Hazzazel, and according to LVCIFER he is known as Iblis, Shaytan, Scapegoat, Azaz-el, inventor and father of possession.  According to LVCIFER, Azazel was once called the cleverest and most cunning angel ever created.  As a fallen angel, Azazel is known a “leader of the watchers”, Shemihaza, disgrace, Samael, and a symbol of Satan (  He is called Zazel and Agiel ( Azazel was one of the “chiefs of 10” making him essentially a lieutenant.  Azazel was known as Amaimon, king of the south (Belanger pg. 53). In Hebrew, the name Azazel means “strength of God” (Belanger pg. 53) or “who God strengthens” (  Azazel, like other demons, has symbols, sigils and Seals as identifiers.



The history of Azazel’s signs is fascinating. According to The-Red-Cross-of-Azazel 2016, the red cross represented Azazel, and the rose is said to have represented his wife who was human. So when one sees these two symbols combined, he/she should know that it represents their union together of a sexual nature. The red cross transcends over into many beliefs and religions. From Egyption, to the red cresent, to the Scottish cross, Azazel has crossed the world with his influence. The Rose Window (the rosette window) on the façade of the Rosslyn Chapel (aka the Collegiate Chapel of St. Matthew) located at the village of Roslin, Midlothian, Scotland, employs such a rose cross.  The symbolism is in its architectural design. This is a symbol of the “future release of the angel Azazel” ( pg. 6).  This last quote combined with other readings tells that many people think that during the end times Azazel will be the antichrist. This is because after he is released people say Azazel will claim to be Christ ( pg. 4.) This and the Sigil and seals can be used for magickal and summoning purposes.

According to, the sigil of Azazel is known by some as the seal of Saturn. Other groups draw circles around the sigil and call it the seal of Saturn. There are still other groups that use the seal of Saturn as an amulet to protect themselves from death or Azazel, because Azazel is known as the angel of death ( On YouTube, there is a video of the summoning of Azazel by Koetting.  The video shows a man using incense, candles and a script to summon Azazel and Belial. As a result, he finishes with a contract that he mails people that is between the person and Azazel.  This contract makes the person Azazel’s minion or slave.  Yet, why would someone want to summon Azazel? Azazel’s story tells us more.

According to Mack (pg. 152), Azazel was just as important in the Old Testament as Satan was to the New Testament.  It is common knowledge that Azazel is a fallen angel, and that Yahweh commanded Raphael the Archangel to kick him out of heaven. Not everyone knows why this was done. Azazel was the leader of a group of angels known as the watcher angels or the Grigori (1 Enoch 6-8). “Then chief angel Shemihaza causes two hundred angels to swear an oath that, with him, they will descend to earth, mate with human women, and teach the magical arts among the human race” (Dead Sea Scrolls pg. 281).  It is said that those angels came down from heaven to have sex with women. Furthermore, “The Watchers were the ‘sons of God’ who took human wives, and had children and their children were known as the Nephilim” (admin). These children were known as giants and ran destruction on the plants, animals, and the whole earth in general. According to, Azazel, Shemihaza, and the watcher angels came down and mated with women.  Azazel and Shemihaza then taught the people of earth about metal object such as swords, knives, armor, and other war weapons as well as the different metals of the earth and how to work with them. They also taught them how to make jewelry and how to use makeup and witchcraft (Schnieders pg. 20). This led to the story of Yahweh’s first judgement of the earth which is known as the story of the great flood of Noah. Meanwhile, Yahweh was very upset about the need for this flood and commissioned the archangel Raphael.  He commanded Raphael to bind Azazel hand and foot and to cast him into a hole in the desert called Duda’el. Raphael then threw rugged, sharp rocks and covered Azazel’s face so that he would not see light. Michael was commanded to bind Shemihaza and his associates in the valleys of the earth. They will remain so bound until the day of judgment when they will be cast into the fire (

Azazel is also very famously known for the origin of the word “scapegoat”, and this is in relation to the Jewish ritual on the Day of Atonement (Belanger pg. 53).  “In older English versions such as the King James Version the word Azazel is translated as ‘as a scapegoat’; however, in most modern English Bible translations it is represented as a name in the text” (  Annually in the ritual of atonement, two goats were taken to cleanse the Israelites of their sins. One was sacrificed to Yahweh as pure, and the other was offered to Azazel with all the Israelites sins attached to it. In this way, when it was released into the desert, it was an offering of sins to Azazel (Belanger pg. 53). Through the sacrifice of these goats on the day of atonement, this lead to Azazel’s title as scapegoat.  Even though Azazel was known as a scapegoat, his ability to possess people was great.

When talking about possession concerning Azazel, we are talking about demonic possession. In the case of Azazel:

“The demonic entity will ‘release’ you just as it is time for you to be arrested and/or serve trial. If it has the opportunity, and your will is totally broken, it will force suicide of your body, thus condemning you to Hell for eternity to serve as a slave to the demons who dominated you in life. Their ultimate goal, from the start to finish, is to isolate you and break your will down to the point where one way or another, you are destroying God’s most perfect creation – man” (LVCIFER).

Demonic possession is terrifying, and it is the most powerful weapon that the fallen angels have against mankind (LVCIFER). Azazel has been possessing people for a very long time, and he has been noted to possess people in the early books of the Old Testament.  Azazel came up with his own method of possession. He forces his victims to come in direct contact and confrontation with the darkest horrors of their mind (LVCIFER).  “The angel Yahoel warns his human apprentice, the hero of the faith, that God endowed his chief eschatological opponent Azazel with a special will and ‘heaviness’ against those who answer him” (Orlov pg. 1-2).  Also according to LVCIFER, Metatron spoke to Abraham and told Abraham not to answer Azazel, because if one answers him, power will Azazel have over them.  Typical demon efforts can be stopped but not Azazel. Azazel is said to have an unholy will to drive himself into anyone who confronts him.  This drive is “never more than the span of seven heartbeats to fully seize control of a human” (LVCIFER).  Moreover, when Azazel exits a human after possession, with the person’s heart still beating, they are an empty shell, and then he sets them up against impossible situations where they end up dead in the end. Furthermore, Azazel has the ability to possess entire herds of animals at one time, and when he leaves their bodies, he kills them all in the process. This inventor of possession is indeed powerful, which leads one to wonder what it would be like to exorcise him.

According to studies, exorcising Azazel is a nearly impossible thing to do. “If Azazel is discovered, he will either flee with the body to abandon it like a scapegoat in the wilderness, or he will force the hand of the exorcist to over-tax the body’s limits” (LVCIFER).  If one were to even try to exorcise Azazel, one would of course need to find out as much information about the demon as possible such as his name(s), number(s), color(s), element(s), and planet(s).  According to Catholic belief, if one knows this information, one can command the demon inside. Azazel’s element is air, and he is a demon of warfare (Belanger pg. 54).  Research into the church of Azazel reveals that Azazel and Satan are looked at as the same being and are considered Theistic Satanism. If this is the case, Azazel’s number would be 666. Azazel’s planet is Saturn. According to Livingston, there are many different ways to exorcise people. Livingston states that dispossession is “the removal of parasitic possessing spirits and demons” (pg 140). He also goes on to name the types of dispossessions which are: using dowsing techniques which is only used for distance work (pg 141-142), with hypnosis (pg. 142-143), with a medium which gives a temporary voice to the demon (pg. 143), face to face with the client acting as a medium (pg. 143-144), and Shamanic journey where one travels to the middle world and contacts the entity (pg. 144-145). With the lesser key of Solomon incorporating all the senses such as sight, sound, smell, taste, touch and mind (Mathers, S.L. MacGregor, and Aleister Crowley), one should never summon Azazel especially since “the whole earth has been corrupted through the works that were taught by Azazel: to him ascribe all sin” (Dictionnaire_Infernal).  It is still intriguing to wonder why Yahweh gave him all of that power during creation.

In conclusion, one would think that Azazel is one powerful demon.  He earned quit a reputation and many names as a result.  Many people still give credit to him being the same being as Satan, but no one really knows.  When one gives that much notoriety to a being and then combine it with a mixture of religious belief systems, one will always seem to run into closed minded people and people who have vivid imaginations at the same time.  Through this research Azazel has earned a reputation of being a formidable adversary.  Azazel as a demon that has never been successfully exorcised by a human shows that this particular entity proves that he is not only tenacious but is very resourceful.  He has also proven that he is especially dangerous when he leaves after possessing a human or animal. This assignment confirmed to me that I should stay within the defense against the dark arts and not become part of the dark arts itself. I have learned that in the past, my attempts to exorcise demons were fool hardy.  In fact, I still have a lot to learn.  I was not skillful but rather simply lucky.  I am at the point where I know just enough to make me dangerous. I need to work hard, study, and hone my skills under supervision in the beginning. This paper also makes me wonder why demons are so willing to do harm to the human race.  Then again, many just seem to be jealous and angry that Yahweh put humans first in his eyes despite creating angels first.  Finally to answer the question of “What did you find interesting in your research about demons or demonology”, I found that when one studies demonology, one opens doors to that demon. I figured that these papers would just be that, papers. I was wrong. Thank the powers that be, I married a seasoned person in these things. I found interesting that one needs to cleanse, shield and banish before, during, and after studying demons.  One good thing that came of it was that now I know firsthand what it feels like to be attacked and messed with by these things, and I can use that knowledge and experience to recognize the signs and symptoms of demonic attack to help others.  I also found interesting that I just on an unknowing whim I choose one of the nastiest demons out there. I learned something about myself too. Even though Demonology is really not my thing, I now know how to access some of the information that I did not before.  If I ever go head to head with a demon in the future, I can study them now, so that I will have an idea what I am getting myself into. I learned a lot during my research and discovered that there is much more out there then I realized.  More importantly, I realized how real this stuff actually is.

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